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New release of MP3tagEditor!

- Added MiltiExport function, now You can set 9 export patterns!
- Added Comment edit string
- Added new prefs functions, backgroung rebuild Preferences structure
- Added new handy items in menu


ReqAttack support @ Yahoo! Groups

If you want to get RA updates, news, help & hints, beta versions please subscribe (send an empty email) to


ReqAttack: work in progress report.

The layout part of RA was rewritten. As you can see the buttons do not need to be placed at the bottom of a requester. Also the ReqOFFExec feature was removed (compatibility resons).

The next public version will be released within two months.


Dreamolers homepage redesigned. The Group section is temporary unavailable.


ReqAttackUpd 1.96 release! Code optimized, new PatchControl (which replaces CyReq), added images for nlisttree in RAPrefsMUI, added RA compiled for 040...

Added new programs:
- CPUMeter (nice tool to show CPU load with Executive's sysinfo.library)
- DevControlMUI (a tool to control/mount/remove devices)


Jaca/D-CAPS is currently working on a new MCPPrefs program. You'll find more info in our software section.