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Dreamolers - Clever Amigants Polish Society:

Laffick (Pawel Niejadlik)
Mickiewicza 45/5, 87-100 Torun, Poland
AmigaE, AMOS, asm 68k, music
A1200 3.0 030 HD

Jaca (Jacek Piszczek)
Dobra 23, 87-100 Torun, Poland
C, AmigaE, asm 68k
A1200 3.5/MorphOS PPC 040 BVision HD CD

Rybcia (Michal Rybinski)
Drzymaly 4/1, 87-100 Torun, Poland
C, AmigaE
A1200 3.5/MorphOS PPC 040 BVision HD CDRW

Here's some of our main products:
ReqAttackPrefs, D-CAPStomper, RAPrefsMUI, ReqAttack, Trashed, SmallPlugin2,SmallPlugin3 (NEW!), MP3TagEditor (NEW!)
MUSIC: 2CD (Tryin' To Understand The Machine {Laffick, Jaca}, Forest {Laffck})
ARTCILES PUBLISHED: 3 ("MagicWB without A1200" Magazyn Amiga 3/98, "ReqAttack & ReqAttackPrefs" AmigaComputerStudio 5/00, "MorphOS - test" ACS3/01)
OTHER: 4 ECS Demos, lots of small programs/games (Ultimate Lemming Killer, Gofniak (shit) Family, Jingle Manager, Sheepz 2000) (none released)

CD APPEARANCE: JingleManager (Magazyn Amiga CD), ReqAttackPrefs / ReqAttackUpd (Magazyn Amiga CD, ACS CD, Aminet CD, AmigaActive CD, AmigaMagazin CD)



Dreamolers are active in Amiga software scene since 1997. Everything started in Dom Harcerza (Torun) where was an computer class equiped with 11 A500.

Few weeks later Michas joined our group as a swapper (well, exactly he was a software supplier, because he had a modem). We made first 2 demos.

In 1998 we made 1 demo and started to think about sth more useful (Jingle Manager). 1st Dreamolers homepage had been released.

1999. 1st release of ReqAttackPrefs, D-CAPStomper.

2000. RAPrefsMUI, ReqOFF, Trashed and more.

2001. ReqAttack 1.5-8 releases, SmallPlugin2, SmallPlugin3, MP3TagEditor. Rybcia joined the team in June.

To contact us please write to:
or use our snail mail adresses.